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Academy Training program with pro clubs

Train with professional academy coaches at their own training facilities. challenge your game by playing against local opponents. complete your international experience with stadium tours, professional matches attendance and other educational & cultural activities.

These programs will help players grow, develop and mature; by exposing them to very different scenarios & challenges than the ones they are used to experiencing back home on a regular basis.

International Clinics program with pro clubs

Our strong partnerships with top clubs & academies such as real madrid, juventus or atlético de madrid, allows us to host these clinics in which top academy coaches will provide a personalized training program for your players, as well as a coaching course for the attending youth coaches.

Experience the methodologies of multiple top clubs, at your own hometown. a unique, first hand insight on the youth development methods implemented by the world´s best.

High Performance Individual programs

Our high performance individual programs provide our players with the chance of living a more permanent, extensive experience abroad than our usual short term international team travel experiences. These programs will place our players in a professional club or academy for at least 1 year, allowing them to live a full immersive football & educational experience in the local culture. programs available in argentina, japan, italy, united arab emirates, spain and portugal


Competition is key for development. players, teams and coaches will experience first hand the fire that comes out of playing against teams from all around the world, while gaining an irreplaceable football and cultural perspective and experience.

To continue evolving, players need demanding competition both at home and abroad, and we offer the chance of securing participation in some of the  best international youth tournaments in the world.

Thanks to many years of experience working and participating in international tournaments with our own wakatake teams, we have built a wide, solid and close up partnership with these events. 

Some of these tournaments can only be experienced through an invitation from the organizers, but we can manage to help the appropriate clubs, academies or selected teams participate in these tournaments; should you be interested in offering a premier competitive experience to your team.

Legends Clinic program

We work with former international pro players and elite academy coaches in our clinic programs. These events represent a unique experience that will allow your clients to learn from players that have achieved the “legends” status, directly at their home town without the need to travel.

The legends will inspire your youth players both on and off the field, by sharing their knowledge and experiences with them.your youth players & coaches will have the chance to share the field with the legends; improving their football education and skills with this elite program.

E-Learning programs

Learning should not be restricted to the football field, specially nowadays. for this reason, wakatake is committed to providing unique e-learning programs that will help players develop physically, technically, tactically and psychologically.

We have plenty of experience in organizing programs and courses with a longer format; with some of our key partners such as laliga. Currently, we are working in the creation of our very own e-learning platform. stay tuned!

Coaching Education programs

We believe that learning from the best professionals in the football industry will significantly improve the curriculum of the participants, giving them more professional opportunities in the future.

In cooperation with our network of professional football clubs, academies and national federations; we are able to deliver top coaching educational programs through digital platforms & customized trip experiences.


Football can have a great positive impact in our society, and we want to be an active part of that. Education & social impact are the two main pillars of these international programs, allowing participants to experience how football can be used as a tool that builds, creates and nourishes.

Together with the third half & common goal we create unique, hands on football trips that will allow you to experience the game´s powerful potential for social impact & community development. 

In these unique trips, you will find a tool for consciousness expansion and a powerful mirror for personal reflection, on topics such as your personal values and principles in life. using tools such as mindfulness, design thinking and emotional intelligence; we build our own educational curriculum for the trip; engaging our players in experiences designed to help

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We show you some of the programs we have created so far, and that we have expertise in. However, innovation & creativity is always at the forefront of what we do, so we are always open to the creation of new programs as well. Let’s hear your ideas, and build new programs working side by side with you!