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Wakatake Football academies in Japan

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Wakatake Way

«Wakatake Group is a socially responsible, youth development oriented organization helping young football players become their best selves as they grow from young kids to adults. We believe in our unique formula for success: travel, holistic education, personal accountability and social responsibility & commitment to both your community and the world at large.
Why do we believe in this formula so strongly? We have tested it in our own lives and seen the benefits it delivers over many years… and now we want to give back and help new generations walk this same path. For more than 15 years, we have been creating a large number of international programs, experiences & services that focus on the development of the player and the person, both on and off the field. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and be creative with the goal of staying at the forefront of our industry. Via this website, we invite you to please check out extra details of our football academies project in Japan, as well as all our youth development experiences around the world. Of course, please get in touch if you feel connected to our work!»

Wakatake Football Academies in Japan

wakatake football academies in japon

Our youth development project in Japan encompasses a total of 15 football academies; with the region of Kanto and Osaka as our main areas of influence.

Around the world, there are infinite ways of understanding and interpreting the beautiful game of football. For this reason, we have evolved our youth development model with the core objective of raising “global players”; that are consistently exposed to philosophies, ideas and training methodologies from all around the world. Interested in finding out more details about how we do it?

International Youth Development Experiences


The international youth development experiences are the heart of our project. Our mission is to support football players, coaches and academies from all competitive backgrounds to grow through high quality international football programs. Thanks to our own international experience with Wakatake Football Academies training with elite professional clubs, competing at top international tournaments, travelling around the world and building an international youth football ecosystem for more than 15 years; we can bring you unique and customized international experiences. Don’t wait any longer to learn more about our international programs.how we do it?


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