Real Club Celta de Vigo & Wakatake Group: A close look to the 2023-24 season

We want to deeply thank our partner Real Club Celta de Vigo and their film crew at CeltaMedia for this report about the Galician club’s collaboration with Wakatake Group, especially focused on the development process by our 2023-24 season players in Vigo. Moreover, thank you in particular to Diego Sarabia, current General Coordinator at Canteira Celeste (Celta Academy), with whom it has been a pleasure to work alongside so far and we hope to continue doing so for many more years to come.

It is truly an honour for us to be part of the «celeste» family, by working side by side with a centenarian club that started as a partner and is now also a friend, a mentor and a fellow traveler.


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