Real Racing Club de Santander & Wakatake Group: NEW CLUB PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT

We are tremendously proud and happy to announce our new partnership with Real Racing Club de Santander starting on April 2024, seeking to continue expanding our international youth development programs through grassroots football.

This agreement sets an alliance with a historic Spanish club which has a large fanbase, renewed stadium and training facilities, top high performance resources and a rich heritage, founded more than 110 years ago in the city of Santander. It allows our brand not only to grow in Spain overall, but also to transmit the Wakatake Way to the beautiful northern region of Cantabria.

This is for certain the beginning of something great and the first step has been made by three brave youngsters that are now joining Real Racing Cantera (Academy) at «Alevín» teams (Under 12) with sheer enthusiasm.

We want to deeply thank Real Racing for this opportunity and show our gratitude and commitment to our common goals on a daily basis, starting from last week and for many years to come. ¡Gracias, Racinguistas!



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