«Wakatake Group: Beyond Football» (article by EL MUNDO)

We would like to sincerely thank EL MUNDO, UE Studio by Unidad Editorial, Agencia GUÍA 360 and Óscar Rovira for their article published on the 1st of March of 2024, about the WAKATAKE WAY and our youth development model, in collaboration with our professional football and business partners.

You may find the full article «Wakatake Group: Más allá del fútbol» (Wakatake Group: Beyond Football) on this link:

https://www.elmundo.es/uestudio/2024/02/29/65e04d73e4d4d81a568b458f.html ]

We take this opportunity to thank as well our strategic partner LALIGA, professional football club partners, business partners, collaborators and all the kids and sportspersons that had put their trust in us along the years.


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